Common Conditions Treated In A Pediatric Clinic

Posted on: 12 April 2021

How often do you take your child for growth monitoring and medical examination? Does your child have a recurring or a stubborn illness? If yes, do not wait for it to persist to visit a physician for a checkup. Most childhood diseases are prevented by vaccination. Here are some conditions that may require you to take your child to a pediatric clinic: 1. Abdominal pain Children and infants may suffer from persistent abdominal pains.
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Child With Hearing Aids? Routine Is Key

Posted on: 17 March 2021

If your child has recently gotten new hearing aids or they are getting them shortly, you need to learn how you are going to care for them. Depending on the age of your child, you will either need to care for them exclusively, or you will need to teach your child how to care for them. Whenever children get hearing aids, there are challenges. Some children do not like how they feel in their ears, and may not want to wear them as often as they should.
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Essential Tips To Prepare For Your First Audiogram Consultation

Posted on: 5 February 2021

Although most people have excellent hearing capabilities after birth, hearing impairment issues often occur later in life. This is caused by age, constant exposure to loud noise at work, home or social gatherings, and certain medications. So, to retain your hearing abilities for longer, you should invest in hearing conservation One reliable way to accomplish this is scheduling audiogram consultation regularly. This way, your audiologist will perform tests to identify the actual health condition of your ears.
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Ways To Alleviate Morning Neck Pain

Posted on: 30 December 2020

Have you been waking up with a sore neck? Maybe the back of your neck throbs a little, and perhaps the pain becomes more sharp and localized when you try to turn your head to one side or the other. This type of morning neck pain is pretty common, but as annoying as it can be, there are some pretty simple ways to manage it and minimize it. Take a look:
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